Olena Zakharova, Sonja Shiffers, Yulia Kharashvili
Analytical Report “Women, Peace and Security: A Chance for Georgia’s and Ukraine’s Protracted Conflicts?”

Kateryna Gusieva, WIPD facilitator
Tasks and Challenges for the Facilitators in a Dialogue (Russian)

Yuliia Soroka, WIPD sociologist
Hate Speech in the View of Sociological Culture (Ukrainian)

Galina Pokhmelkina, WIPD facilitator
Dialogues between the Ukrainians and Russians: Peacebuilding Trial in 2014-2018 (German)

Olena Kopina, Laboratory of the Peaceful Decisions
Dialogue in the Context of the Ukrainian-Russian Relations (Ukrainian)

Olena Zakharova, WIPD Ukrainian coordinator
Ten Myths on a Peace Dialogue