Julia Soroka, Dana Jirous – team WIPD

Dialogue in the perspective of society. Article for the collection “5 years of dialogue and 25 years of mediation in Ukraine” (Russian)

Olena Zakharova, Sonja Shiffers, Yulia Kharashvili
Analytical Report “Women, Peace and Security: A Chance for Georgia’s and Ukraine’s Protracted Conflicts?”

Kateryna Gusieva, WIPD facilitator
Tasks and Challenges for the Facilitators in a Dialogue (Russian)

Yuliia Soroka, WIPD sociologist
Hate Speech in the View of Sociological Culture (Ukrainian)

Galina Pokhmelkina, WIPD facilitator
Dialogues between the Ukrainians and Russians: Peacebuilding Trial in 2014-2018 (German)

Olena Kopina, Laboratory of the Peaceful Decisions
Dialogue in the Context of the Ukrainian-Russian Relations (Ukrainian)

Olena Zakharova, WIPD Ukrainian coordinator
Ten Myths on a Peace Dialogue